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Chip repair or replacement?

A chip repair can be a cost effective solution for damaged glass, avoiding the need to replace the whole panel. Find out whether a repair or replacement is the best option for you.

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Do I need a chip repair or a windscreen replacement?

Windscreens are designed to be strong. Made from laminated glass, they protect you and your car from damage and contribute to the overall structure of the vehicle.

However, chips and cracks are common and a small stone that hits your windscreen can cause anything from a small chip to a crack that runs the length of your windscreen.

Generally, if your chip is larger than $1 coin, then you will require a full windscreen replacement.


Can My Stone Chip Be Repaired?

Identify the damage

Take a look at why type of damage you might have.

Generally, if your chip is larger than $1 coin, then you will require a full windscreen replacement.


Location of the damage

Note: The windscreen is divided into 2 main areas.

  • Critical Vision Area (CVA)
  • Primary Vision Area (PVA)

Glass Assist repairs comply with the Australian Standards for windscreen repairs.


Size Of The Damage

Once you determine the type of damage you need to look at the maximum dimensions of the damage on your windscreen.

If your damage exceeds these amounts a full windscreen replacement will be required.


Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2366.1:1999 and any revisions.

AS/NZS 2366.1:1999 allows the repair of cracks up to 350mm within the PVA, however Glass Assist recommends not repairing any cracks exceeding 100mm, as any such repair may be compromised and cost prohibitive. This recommendation is in line with industry best practice.

Glass Assist voluntarily adheres to this code to ensure that repaired windscreens are safe and all glass repairs are completed to the highest standards.

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