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Home and Office Window Tinting

Our team of experts work with you to assess and select the right window tinting that suits the needs of your home or office, while keeping price and visual appeal front of mind.

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Home and Office Window Tinting

Considering home or office window tinting? Don’t wait any longer; keep yourself and all your occupants cool and comfortable, we’re confident that you will be pleased with the results.

Improved Privacy

Whether for home or for the office, we know that privacy goes hand in hand with comfort. We have a number of shades to suit the level of privacy you desire and keep your space your own.

Sun Safe

While being indoors may give us shelter from direct sun, there is no avoiding sunlight coming through our windows. Avoid the harmful effects the sun’s UV rays can have on your skin and invest in a home or office window tinting solution from Glass Assist today.

Stay Cool and Save Money

Forget about running the air conditioner all year round. With a window tinting solution from Glass Assist, you can avoid significant heat build up in your home or office with ease, so say goodbye to massive power bills and hello to comfort.

We Do More than Home and Office Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting

Keeping cool shouldn’t stop when you step out of the door. If you want to avoid the heat while you’re on the road, we have a range of car tinting solutions to help you stay cool and protected from the sun. Take a look at our car window tinting services.
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